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Services and technologies

Preventice services can help improve physician efficiency, bolster timely intervention, and reduce hospitalizations and readmissions.

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We are committed to working with your team to improve clinical and administrative operations, from electronic medical record (EMR) integration to billing and reimbursement.

Customizing your portal

Physicians can choose how they receive clinical reports.

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Customized protocol

Get simple or detailed reports according to physician preferences.

Notification options

Select how many notifications you receive.

Delivery methods

Specify text, email, phone, or fax.

Matching your clinical workflow

Improve operational efficiency with automated reports and systems integration.

Computer monitor with data from BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor.

User interface

Automatically uploads reports, enables workflow, and provides information for timely, data-driven clinical decisions.

EMR integration

EMR and other patient information systems can be configured to automatically share monitoring data.

Integrating with your EMR

Efficient EMR integrated data management system with discrete data elements expertise enables your office to create the right fit.

  • eStart
  • Unidirectional integration
  • Bidirectional integration
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BeatLogic™ cardiac algorithm

BodyGuardian™ remote cardiac monitor telemetry system incorporates deep learning for superior data annotation.

Clinical and patient services

Our 24/7 HIPAA-compliant independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF) infrastructure, dedicated certified cardiographic technicians, and certified rhythm analysis technicians will respond to rhythms according to your protocol, specify report data delivery, personalize call notifications, and coordinate home hook-up services.

Billing and reimbursement assistance

Our contracts with all major commercial payers ensure that our portfolio is in-network for 95% of covered lives. Preventice offers financial programs to provide access to care for uninsured patients and for those whose insurance does not cover our services.

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