Research and Development

At Preventice Technologies, we are unified around our mission- to provide broad-based effective healthcare innovative solutions and improve health outcomes while engaging individuals in their care plan process.

As one of the Preventice Solutions Companies, we leverage our expertise to integrate the latest mobile, cloud, and sensor technology, across the care continuum focusing on chronic diseases from early screening, through recovery, rehabilitation, and maintenance.

The Clinical Research and Product Development team looks for innovation by actively listening to our customers. Better listening drives our persistent search for the best technology and our pursuit of partnerships. There are no limits to what technology can achieve. And we never lose sight of those who rely most on our inventions.             We have an experienced and talented team of developers who know how to build enterprise-class solutions with the end user in mind.

A key element of our clinical research and product development strategy is to build a network of partners who share our passion for cost reduction, care plan adherence, and positive patient experience.

We collaborate with some of the most prestigious research hospitals in the U.S. to develop methodologies that we incorporate into our platform. These hospitals execute clinical trials that will quantify the efficacy of the technologies we are developing. Furthermore, we have strong working relationships with global leaders in the life sciences industry. Our partners drive us to focus on the importance of adherence and engaging patients to take ownership of their own care.