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creating constant connection between

patients and their care teams 


With innovative digital technologies and accessories, the smartphone and wearable sensors are going to upend every aspect of healthcare. And the end result will be the patient taking center stage for the first time.

The BodyGuardian® Heart monitoring system is a cutting edge approach allowing healthcare providers to monitor key biometrics outside the clinical setting, while patients go about their daily lives, thus safeguarding the health and safety of individuals every day.  BodyGuardian® Heart is a discreet wireless remote monitor that records important physiological data such as heart rhythm, ECG, respiratory rate and activity. 

Information from the BodyGuardian® Heart remote monitoring system is gathered and funneled into a robust clinical data management system providing interactive access to patient clinical information by the physician and practice personnel. Based on the physicians' needs, a thorough set of reports can be created and reviewed on the PatientCare portal to track the patient’s progress. All reports are made available online or via PDF for inclusion in your patients’ records or possibly the healthcare practice EMR system. For those physicians looking to standardize remote monitoring services across their healthcare organization, Preventice Solutions offers a variety of options through Preventice Services.

Secure & Reliable
Data Transmission
Higher Diagnostic


The FDA cleared monitor wirelessly records important physiological data such as: 

  • Rhythm monitoring: Ambulatory ECG for arrhythmias, including Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Pause, and others
  • Recordings and transmission of periodic ECG at specified intervals
  • Calculation of average heart rate data every 10 seconds
  • Calculation of average respiration rate* (i.e. breaths per minute)
  • Calculation of average activity level via 3-axis accelerometer*

In conjunction with PatientCare Portal, additional devices can be added to remotely monitor vital signs such as: blood pressure, weight, glucose, and Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2).

device placement options

BodyGuardian® Heart
Remote Monitoring System

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

  • Includes patient triggered and device-detected episodes
  • Wirelessly transmits data for further analysis through an Android-based smartphone’s cellular connection
  • Jointly developed with Mayo Clinic and ST Microelectronics

Centralized Cloud Platform

  • Provides level services between devices and end-users such as data exchange
  • Includes fault tolerant transaction processing
  • Highly secure, HIPAA privacy compliant design

Provider Data Access

  • Advanced engaging user interface
  • Allows providers to configure thresholds for physiological event
  • Enables workflow for efficient review of multiple patients


BodyGuardian® Heart Remote Monitoring System complies with HIPAA guidelines and employs many measures to ensure the security and privacy of patient data are maintained at each step. Finally, once the data reaches the Preventice Care Platform for eventual storage or analysis, the following features help ensure optimal data integrity and security. The security measures employed by Preventice can be described across three primary dimensions:

device security
  • Device/App Password
  • Encrypted
  • Device Identity
transition security
  • Permission-based
  • Endpoint Identity
  • Health Data Access
data security
  • Data Encryption
  • Source Traceability
  • Separation of Identity