Reimbursement Assistance

The Preventice full-service team handles all aspects of the reimbursement process allowing the healthcare practice staff to focus on patient care.  If you have questions related to billing and reimbursement assistance, contact Preventice Billing Department. 

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST  

For Patient Inquiries :     Tel844-617-6995                       

For Practice Inquiries:   Tel: 888-500-3522



Medical professionals will bill for the in-office hook-up and the final reading of the test results. Preventice Services will bill the patient's insurance for the use of the monitor along with providing the physician with 24/7 monitoring center service and all requested data. 

Insurance companies will usually send an Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) describing the amount paid and the amount the patient owes Preventice. Our goal is to help physicians diagnose heart conditions without delay or concerns about billing.  We offer patient-friendly payment options, including a discounted rate at the time of service or a reduced rate when  insurance indicates a large fee payable by patients for our services or the physician’s services.

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All equipment is the sole property of Preventice Services. To avoid financial liability and to ensure that the patient does not receive a bill for the value of the equipment in his possession, ask the patient to return the equipment via UPS® directly to Preventice immediately after his service ends.

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Any request for an extension of study beyond the prescribed study would need to come from the physician through a new order sent to Preventice Services. The second study may not be covered by all insurance providers and the patient may be responsible for those charges.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is the patient receiving a bill?

A: Initially, patients will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from their insurance carrier. The EOB explains how the claim is paid. Often, patients perceive an EOB as a bill from Preventice Services. The EOB is not a bill and may not represent the actual amount owed by the patient. Patients may receive a bill for their outstanding deductible or coinsurance charges once the claim is determined to be paid correctly by the insurance carrier. The patient is only responsible for the deductible and coinsurance contractually owed based on the provisions of their health plan. The patient owes no money until a statement is received from Preventice Services.

Q: Is there a payment plan option available?

A: Yes. For outstanding deductible/coinsurance a patient may owe, we offer the patient flexible payment options based on the patient’s budget. Payment plans are offered to any patient who requests an extension of time to pay their bill. We request no upfront money for our services. Our primary focus is meeting the patient’s healthcare needs. Once the insurance carrier processes the claim, a statement is sent to the patient reflecting their financial obligation to Preventice Services. Flexible payment terms are created based on the patient’s budget.

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