PatientView Portal

Interactive Service Based Platform

This interactive services-based platform integrates with all BodyGuardian® sensors. It allows healthcare organizations to benefit from the expertise and convenience of Preventice Services’ Monitoring Centers.

Key Portal Features Include:

customizable user interface

emr integration
customizable user interface

Streamlined reports feature comprehensive data plus digital support features

Enhanced End of Service (EOS) reports can include diagnosis, symptoms, activity, transmission time, type of transmission and heart rate (where applicable)

All reports are reviewed by certified technicians prior to publication and potential notification

eXpress Views allows physicians to focus on the six-second strips of interest only, as edited by Monitoring Center technicians

Users can also take advantage of these portal features:

  • Personalized Formatting: Reports can be formatted to provide the most clinically relevant and/or requested information to the physician.
  • Automatic Archiving: All filtered event data is archived for retrieval upon request.
  • eSignature: Physicians can electronically sign documents and reports in an ESIGN-compliant process and helps organization be compliant with 21 CRF Part 11 requirements.
  • Report Regeneration: Physicians can easily edit and comment on reports, even override technician comments.
  • eStart: Patient records are integrated directly into the practice network, eliminating the need for faxes and hard copies.