Digital Solutions

The goal at Preventice Services is to facilitate your view of the patient condition when you need it. Our digital solutions enable staff to deliver clinical excellence with assurance giving the healthcare professionals hands-free access to critical clinical information without having to be in close proximity to the patient.

  • eSignature: Physicians can electronically sign documents related to their patients' monitoring studies and the signed PDF report can be saved into the practice's electronic medical records. eSignature is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Report regeneration: Physicians can easily edit and comment on reports; even override technician comments.
  • eXpress view: Physicians are able to quickly view six-second strips of interest only. Full event recordings edited by our Monitoring Center technicians to represent the most relevant ECG data for quick assessment of critical, serious and stable events.
  • eXpress view summary: Ability to view and print selected strips as a summary.
  • Enhanced End Of Service Report (EOS): Ability to view six-second strips for all events for the duration of the monitoring period. The report includes diagnosis, symptoms, activity, transmission time, type of transmission and heart rate.
  • Email notification: We can send HIPAA-compliant notifications by secure email to physicians when a new Cardiac, Daily Summary or End of Service Report is available for review.