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BodyGuardian®  Heart remote monitoring system is a single wireless repositionable patch for all your needs. It also provides different adhesive options and form factor for different patient needs and preferences which achieves higher patient compliance.

Moreover, this single system that remotely transitions between 24-hour Holter, long-term Holter, cardiac event monitoring, and mobile telemetry depending on patient needs, allows simple hook-up between service types without changing the device.

The BodyGuardian® Remote Monitoring System helps physicians see into their patients’ experience — the what and when — which helps them refine their care.   

The BodyGuardian® Heart Remote Monitoring System wirelessly provides:

  • Rhythm monitoring: Ambulatory ECG and average heart rate for arrhythmias, including Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Pause, and others.
  • Recordings and transmission of periodic ECG at specified intervals.

The patient's data is automatically detected and wirelessly delivered to Preventice Monitoring Center. No patient data is stored on the phone.  Physicians can access their patients’ data and review notifications securely anytime, anywhere via the web through Preventice portals. Additionally, they can set thresholds for each patient allowing for individualized monitoring and care plan support. The reports can be integrated with the medical practice EMR system or reviewed on the portals, based on the physicians’ needs.

The complete beat-to-beat story of a patient’s heart is at your fingertips

Have you ever looked at a patient's report and wished you had more data? Perhaps a few minutes before or after the noted event?  

Preventice's  cloud-based system, ECG Insight® offers you full transparency, gives you more confidence in the quality of the reports and allows you to see any and all rhythms a patient has without delays.  With one click, you can examine the chosen event with extended tools to navigate surrounding unfiltered ECG, measure ECG using calipers, and correlate heart rates to event

ECG Insight® draws on the recent convergence of analytics and wireless protocols to speed clinical decision making and support patient centered care.

Secure & Reliable
Data Transmission
Higher Diagnostic


Platform Security

The BodyGuardian® Heart monitoring system complies with HIPAA guidelines. It employs many measures to ensure the security and privacy of patient's data are maintained at every step. The security measures include:

device security
  • Device identity protection
  • Application password protection
  • Local data encryption
  • Protected internal memory
  • Application secret for anti-spoofing
transition security
  • Data encryption
  • User authentication
  • Source traceability
data security
  • Encrypted communication via SSL
  • Differential updates
  • Separation of patient identification information and observation data
  • Platform-Level Security