How patientcare Enabled the clinic of tomorrow during covid-19?

Priority during this time of uncertainty is to ensure physicians have the tools they need to take care of patients — and that patients have access to the highest quality of care. We know that patients with cardiovascular diseases are among those most at risk from the virus, with significantly higher mortality rates. When your needs change, your system should too. Patients can now have access to monitoring right from their homes, without having to visit a clinic or hospital, and physicians have smarter actionable data at their fingertips to provide timely, informed clinical decisions.

Joe Sasson, Executive Vice President of MedAxiom Ventures, sits with Dr Ziad Issa, Executive Director Cardiac Electrophysiology, Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois, to discuss how PatientCare Remote Monitoring and Management System helped assist patients who needed prescriptions and follow up without compromising care amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


patient care


Designed for use with the BodyGuardian® portfolio, PatientCare is a self-managed, cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform that allows you to gather, interpret and manage near real-time patient data independently in a rapid manner. Now you can have the patient information you need, when and where you need it. When necessary, PatientCare can also be integrated with EMR systems that house information about patients and their care plans.

A subtle change in cardiac arrhythmias can be missed and lead to rapid deterioration. When your needs change, your system should too. Whether you are across the hospital, or across town — you’ll always have smarter actionable data at your fingertips to provide timely, informed clinical decisions.


Make better informed decisions and prioritize care
Have eyes on more patients than ever before
Focus on the patients who need you most
Mine clinical data and conduct research activities
Customize workflows and reports
Modify monitoring to fit custom payer requirements


We are committed to expanding the capabilities of the platform by identifying the most important issues to you and create solutions to simplify what you do every day. You can efficiently build telemetry reports independently.


To give you peace of mind, we offer various optional services such as: 24-hour critical, serious or stable event notification, ship anytime-anywhere, hook-up assistance, monitor support and troubleshooting services.

Monitoring for Vital Signs

Additional sensors can be used in conjunction to collect and remotely monitor vital signs such as: ECG, heart rate, activity level, blood pressure, weight, blood glucose and peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2).

Powerful Information at your fingertips