Providing Actionable, Accurate
and Timely Monitoring Reports

Preventice is committed to working with you to design the platform that best helps you stay connected and informed about your patients.

Our monitoring platform integrates with all BodyGuardian® sensors and allows healthcare organizations to choose from a variety of customizable options to a state-of the-art, cloud-based system.

Services Overview

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24-Hour Trained and Dedicated Technical Support
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Ship Anytime, Anywhere
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24x7 HIPAA-Compliant IDTF Infrastructure
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Clinical Expertise: Certified Cardiographic Technicians (CCT) and Certified Rhythm Analysis Technicians (CRATs)

Optimizing Each Customer’s Experience with Exceptional Support

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Preventice is committed to accuracy and excellence, as well as to maintaining the confidentiality of all client information. We have a strong commitment to ensuring proper training and hands-on learning. Our team's responsibilities include responding to critical rhythms according to the doctor's protocol, setting report data delivery, personalizing call notifications, coordinating 24-hour patient home hook-up services and filtering criteria tailored to your needs.

We give you peace of mind by ensuring your practice and your patients have the support they need when they need it, wherever they go. As always, we encourage patients to talk to their doctor about their unique medical condition.

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Preventice’s reimbursement team assists our customers with patient-centric case management, including insurance-related support services .We have secured contracts with all major commercial payers putting our portfolio in-network for 95 percent of covered lives so you can focus on what matters most — patient care. Preventice also offers multiple financial programs to ensure that patients who do not have insurance or non-covered services can still access the care they deserve.

Review our Privacy Statement for more information about how we protect and handle personal information.