TRAVELing with your cardiac monitor

Since abnormal heart rhythms may happen without notice, we have designed our technologies to allow you to have your heart monitored, while you go about your daily activities. This may include travel if your doctor approves your travel. It is important to follow your doctor's instructions throughout your monitoring period.

Wearing the monitor will help your doctor diagnose potential heart rhythm problems when you are outside a clinic or hospital. By continuously tracking your heart rhythms, doctors are more likely to discover whether an arrhythmia is causing your symptoms, and then can use the monitors to determine the best treatment for your condition.


Some Preventice monitors cannot be worn while traveling on an aircraft.

travel instructions
Contact Preventice 888.500.3522 (press 1, 1)                              prior departure to document the dates of travel 
travel instructions
Follow the instructions in the patient instruction manual


Please contact Preventice 888.500.3522 (press 1, 1) prior your travel outside the United States. You will be responsible for any fees/charges occurring attributed to the use of the monitor outside of the United States including any phone calls.

Preventice does not provide wireless monitoring services outside of the territorial boundaries of the United States (including all 50 states and Puerto Rico). Preventice will not be responsible for any interruption of services or charges associated with data transmission. If approved by your doctor, we can provide a monitor that transmits via Trans telephone monitoring (TTM)

  • Monitors, batteries and other accessories and supplies will not be shipped outside the United States.
  • Patients must ensure they have adequate supplies prior to travel.
  • If you had symptoms and took a recording but did not transmit, the symptom should be captured and noted.
  • The noted symptom should be provided to technicians when contacting the Monitoring Center.
  • When calling Preventice at the provided non Toll-Free number, inform the recipient you are calling internationally. This will help us determine the best way to transmit the recordings.