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body guardian monitor

As simple as peel and apply
As robust and secure as you need

BodyGuardian® Heart is a small, discreet, lightweight, wireless monitor that can be repositioned when needed.

It attaches to your chest via the disposable BodyGuardian® Strip, with medical-grade adhesive and electrode gel. The strip should be replaced periodically during the service period.

The technology allows you to go about your normal life without restrictions and with complete mobility while your heart is being monitored

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Instructional Video

This BodyGuardian Heart monitor instructional video is broken up into nine modules. Click any thumbnail link below the video to jump to the corresponding section of the video, or click a link below to view each video separately.

Module 1 - Introduction to Your Monitor
Module 2 - Understanding Your Box
Module 3 - Before You Begin
Module 4 - Strip Usage and Monitor Placement
Module 5 - Getting Started
Module 6 - Recording and Transmitting
Module 7 - Switching Monitor and Changing Strips
Module 8 - Daily Wear and Care
Module 9 - Returning the BodyGuardian Heart Box

Module 1 - Introduction to BodyGuardian® Heart Monitor

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