Our Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) patient is a native Texan and the youngest of seven children. She knew that heart disease and cancer ran in her family; however, she never worried about her health because most of her siblings lived well into their 90s.


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“I would not hesitate to wear the MINI PLUS again.”

An avid gardener and devoted mother, she always prioritized her daughter’s needs before her own. She always ignored her symptoms such
as shortness of breath or episodes of faintness. “I never dwelled on my heart issues because I was so involved in my daughter’s health and
she was so sick for two years that I never thought too much on myself. I thought of her first,” says the patient.

After her daughter passed, she decided to take care of her health and scheduled a visit with her cardiologist who referred her to Dr. Gray, a
local cardiologist who performs TAVR procedure. The patient knew that a TAVR would have both negative and positive consequences.
However, she knew that she needed TAVR to feel better and treat her symptoms. After her procedure was complete, she went home to
recover and wore the BodyGuardian® MINI PLUS monitor. 

The patient loves the size of the device; it is small and unobtrusive. She knew she was not going to be very active and pursue all her normal
activities since she was recuperating from the TAVR procedure; however, it was reassuring that she would be able to have someone
monitor her heart for thirty days. While she wore the monitor, she did some light housekeeping and cooking. “Ten days into the monitoring
journey, the remote cardiac monitor picked up that I was having some pauses. The monitor did it’s job,” shares the patient. As a result, the
patient was able to get a Pacemaker put in and now she is recovering from both TAVR and the Pacemaker.

“The device was no problem at all - it didn’t bother me while I wore it,” shares the patient. “I expected the device to be bigger and something
you can see; this one was very small. She encourages anyone who is reluctant to visit their cardiologist and always trust the process. “I
would not hesitate to wear the MINI PLUS again,” shares the patient.

Since her TAVR procedure, she no longer experiences shortness of breath and feels so much better. “Dr. Gray is one of the greatest doctors
I have ever had” comments the patient. Little by little as the patient recuperates, she visits her garden for fifteen minutes at a time. “I am
getting stronger. Each day I can do a little bit more,” says the patient. She looks forward to return to all her favorite activities, spend time
with her family and babysit her grand puppy.

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