Living life to the fullest is an important goal for the Sweeney family. Paisley Sweeney is 13 and enjoying her life as a competitive athlete. She loves to swim, run, and cross train. As a member of an adventurous family, she puts her heart to the test every day.

Four years ago, the Sweeney family's journey changed course. Paisley's mother Tiffany experienced sudden cardiac arrest while she was swimming. Tiffany survived and has since learned she has a rare, genetic arrhythmia - an irregular heartbeat. Given that her condition was genetic, all of Tiffany's six kids were tested. They learned that Paisley carries the same genetic mutation as her mom. While it is not conclusive that she will have the same cardiac challenges as her mom, heart monitoring is critical to watch for the signs and symptoms.


“I hardly ever noticed it, it just kind of sat there on my chest and I didn’t really feel it.”

In the winter of 2018, Paisley started to have some dizzy spells while she would swim and exercise. After a check-up with her pediatric cardiologist to discuss her symptoms, they decided that she needs a remote cardiac monitor. This would allow them to see what was going on with her heart when she experiences the symptoms.

Paisley's doctor showed her a couple of options and she chose to wear the MINI remote cardiac monitor. As you would expect from the name, the MINI is small and waterproof - perfect for a swimmer. The monitor is placed on the chest with an adhesive that is designed to be gentle on the skin. Also, it can be moved and reapplied to certain areas on the chest that are best for monitoring her heart. Once the monitoring began, Paisley went about her daily activities - swimming, running and cross training.

“Our cardiologist told Paisley, ‘I want you to push yourself as hard as you can when you wear the monitor. We really want you to work your heart to see if we can reproduce the symptoms. This will help us figure out what's going on with your heart.’ The discreet monitor captured her heart rhythm while she went about her activities,” said Tiffany. Her daughter’s heart monitoring experience gave her peace of mind. "It was reassuring to know that we had that piece of technology in place.”

Paisley commented on the size and comfort of the MINI, “I hardly ever noticed it. The monitor just sat there on my chest and I didn’t feel it. Paisley was hopeful that the BodyGuardian® MINI remote cardiac monitor could help her get to the bottom of her symptoms. "Knowing that I’ll get answers at the end is reassuring,” said Paisley. “I'm really grateful for the technology. It allows you to get a more clear picture of what your heart rhythm is doing,” said Tiffany.

Paisley is currently under the care of an electrophysiologist, a cardiologist specializing in heart rhythms, and a team of healthcare providers. As a precaution, they keep an open dialogue with their healthcare team, as well as their coaches who are familiar with her situation. Paisley has an automated external defibrillator (AED) available at the pool where she swims should she ever need it.

Since the MINI is waterproof, she even put her body and heart to the ultimate test. She competed in the butterfly event at a swim competition. Her heartbeat remained strong and consistent - this was a huge relief for her family. They are also glad to know the MINI remote cardiac monitor is available for additional monitoring. As she grows and continues her journey as an athlete, her cardiologist can prescribe the MINI again.

Paisley’s advice to others who might be using remote cardiac monitoring technology is to figure out symptoms related to their heartbeat. “Try to be patient and wait for the answers. It's hard, but it's worth the wait to know what is going on with your heart. This technology makes it easier.”

“I think through the whole journey, our biggest take away is to try to live your best life, no matter what your circumstance,” said Tiffany. “Do what you're passionate about. Make the intentional choices towards what gives you the fullest life, no matter what. For us, that's what makes life great.”


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