Colton is a young professional with a successful career enjoying life as an athlete and adrenaline seeker in Colorado. He has suffered from heart flutters his entire life and the causes of his palpitations are unknown. “It would happen randomly, and no one could pinpoint what caused it or what brought it on. So initially people thought, well, you’re having a heart attack or a stroke,” shares Colton. Approximately four years ago, after an episode, Colton underwent several cardiac tests. They all came back inconclusive. “They hooked me up to this one monitor that was just a big pain. It was too bulky and didn’t provide solid data. It hindered my daily activities,” comments Colton.


“The simplicity in the monitor’s attachment, and smart phone is worlds above other monitors that I had in the past.”

Recently, in 2021, Colton had a pretty significant heart palpitation and had to go to the hospital. This palpitation lasted longer and was more intense than previous symptoms and episodes. At the hospital, he underwent testing once again and everything came back fine.

Based on his previous experience, Colton asked his cardiologist to find a simpler device that would be compatible with his lifestyle. “The minute I saw the MINI PLUS and I began wearing it, I said, this is light years above what I had been used to and was expecting,” says Colton.

During his remote cardiac monitoring journey, Colton has been able to go to the gym, swims, hikes, rides his mountain bike, goes moto crossing to stay active. “I live in an area where we’ve got a bunch of hot springs. So, in the wintertime, I like to go to the hot springs with my family. I don’t have to take the MINI PLUS off or avoid going into the water. Even down to the simple things like showering - that’s been huge,” shares Colton.

“I loved being able to stick to my routines without any hindrance. The MINI PLUS has just kind of become part of my life at this stage.”

“I know that technology has improved, but I had really never seen a monitor like the MINI PLUS. I remember hooking up to all the electrodes, the node and wearing something around your neck,” says Colton. While wearing the MINI PLUS, Colton went to visit his grandparents and he talked to them about his experience. His grandfather, who is not tech savvy, could figure out how the MINI PLUS worked. “It is so versatile that either a 24-year-old or an 80 - 90-year-old could use it also. I really do believe that,” comments Colton.

“Life’s too short to live in fear. Being able to be myself makes me feel confident and relieved and do all things that I want to do. It’s not just this anxiety of, ‘what happens if I have an event like the one, I had a couple of weeks ago’. That’s really been the greatest attribute of the MINI PLUS - the confidence - and just kind of taking away the fear of the unknown,” shares Colton.

His advice for others is to ask their physicians about the new technology. He recommends honesty with the doctor about your daily activities so they can prescribe a monitor that matches your lifestyle. The MINI PLUS proves that there is new technology that can fit the lifestyle of every person,” says Colton.

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Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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