Cheri is an IT professional that works in a healthcare system. She is also a newlywed who got married in the era of COVID-19. In addition to her career and wedding planning, she is busy with her three dogs and a cat, building a house, and selling two houses. To say she is busy is an understatement!


“When I saw it was the size of a key fob without any wires I thought, this is really, really cool.”

Cheri has had palpitations and flutters for several years and always attributed her symptoms to anxiety and work-related stress. She always put off going to her cardiologist until her husband motivated her to go. Heart health was especially important to Cheri’s husband because his mother suffered from a cardiology related issue where she needed a pacemaker. Cheri took his advice and scheduled an appointment.

At her appointment, Cheri’s cardiologist explained that since her symptoms were not frequent, she would need to be monitored for thirty days. Cheri thought that monitoring would require wires, and was nervous about her comfort for one month. “I’m weird about what I wear. I can’t wear necklaces, sometimes I can’t wear bracelets. I just can’t stand to have stuff on me that I can’t get off, if needed,” shares Cheri.

She was also extremely concerned because she sleeps on her stomach, so a month of no sleep was not something she was willing to undergo. When she met with the nurse and saw the device, she was actually excited about it! “My husband and I love technology. We have pretty much the latest and greatest so when I saw it was the size of a key fob without any wires I thought, this is really, really cool,” comments Cheri.

The first few nights, she woke up a lot throughout the night to make sure that she wasn’t triggering events. However, after those first few days, she forgot she was even wearing it. In the shower, she found herself protecting the monitor, and then realized she could shower normally and replace the strips with ease. She remained active and continued to walk and exercise.

“I also had that peace of mind that wearing the remote cardiac monitor for 30 days, 24/7. She felt secure with the ability to alert her doctor of an episode by simply pushing a button and have reliable insight of all her heart activity over the 30 day monitor period. I could rest assured that I knew that we were going to have answers quickly,” says Cheri.

In the past, she felt some frustration because she had chronic pains and other symptoms that pointed to auto-immune issues. However, no one was able to put their finger on what was going on. “I work really hard to stay very healthy and for me to continue to feel the way I do, something’s not right. I don’t want a doctor to give me a pill. I want somebody who can help me find the source of my problems,” says Cheri.

“Let the remote cardiac monitoring process be the least of your worries,” advices Cheri. As she was undergoing her remote cardiac monitoring journey, she saw one of her friends wearing the MINI PLUS on Facebook. Cheri was able to connect with her and give her some advice on her experience. “The monitoring journey has helped ease some of my angst over the heart problems,” shares Cheri.

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