Our Monitoring Services

Patients often experience heart rhythm disorders without realizing it. Therefore, your doctor may prescribe you a heart monitor to determine if you are having an arrhythmia. Tests such as electrocardiograms (ECG) only allow a doctor to look at the heart’s activity at one point in time and a monitor can capture your heart rhythms over a longer period of time. Until you are diagnosed with an arrhythmia, you may be at risk for future symptoms.

Wearing the monitor will help with the diagnosis of potential heart rhythm problems when you are outside a clinic or hospital and while you go about your daily activities. By continuously tracking your heart rhythms, doctors are more likely to discover whether an arrhythmia is causing your symptoms, and then determine the appropriate treatment for your condition.

What patients are saying about our services

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" I received the BodyGuardian, ordered by my doctor, from Preventice Solutions on Monday, February 18th and started wearing it immediately due to episodes of lightheadedness, dizziness and fainting spells of unknown origin. On Saturday, February 23rd, my wife and I returned home from dinner at approximately 9 PM. There was telephone message for me from Preventice Solutions stating, "that when I got this message, I should proceed to an emergency room as soon I received this message". Before I could hang up the phone, a local emergency rescue squad was at my door, they quickly entered my home and took an EKG. It appears that, unknown to me, I had suffered severe attack of Ventricular Tachycardia that lasted 40 seconds and that left untreated can cause Cardiac Arrest and Death. I was transported to the emergency room for treatment and monitoring, a couple of days later I received 3 stents in 3 blocked arties of my heart. I would like to commend and thank Preventice Solutions/BodyGuardian, their equipment and staff for saving my life" - Kenneth Sindelar
" I am 85 yrs old and the Instruction Manual was easy to follow. My hook-up took place at home, had no problems changing monitors and strips. I highly recommend this monitoring system" - Jeanne Holmstrom
"The customer service people were terrific! All well-spoken and easy to understand. The materials were good, both the manual and the video group online." - Viginia Carrington
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1. Monitor is Prescribed

The cardiac monitor continuously records your heartbeats, detecting irregular rhythms and allowing you to indicate when you are symptomatic.

Wearing the monitor will help your doctor diagnose potential problems.


2a. Option 1: Office Hook-Up

You are given the monitor in your doctor's office.

During your appointment, your doctor’s staff will present you with a monitor and will instruct you on how to apply and attach it. They may also help you do this for the first time record and transmit an initial ECG recording.


2b. Option 2: Home Hook-Up 

Your doctor has advised us to send the monitor to your home.

We will call you to verify some information, schedule your shipment, and help you transmit your initial ECG recording. Call us as soon as you receive the monitor.





3. Recording Symptoms

You will start wearing the monitor and you should be able to go about your daily activities. Your doctor will discuss if you have any limitations.

If you experience symptoms at any time, you should press the Record or Event button on your monitor and follow the instructions in the Patient Manual for symptom and activity capture.


4. Transmitting Events

Data from your monitor is transmitted to our monitoring center as needed during your prescribed monitoring period.

Certified technicians will review and check for any irregular heart rhythms as directed by your doctor. We will share this information with your doctor.


5. Contacting Patient Services

We are available to support you throughout your monitoring period and answer your questions about our devices and services.

If you have medical concerns or health symptoms, contact your doctor. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.


6. Returning your monitor

Please return the monitor directly to us in the prepaid box provided as soon as you finish your monitoring period.

See return process in the section below.


7. Reviewing Results

Reports are generated by Preventice and reviewed by your doctor.

If the ECG shows a serious heart rhythm or other arrhythmia, we will notify your doctor and may contact you for follow up questions or to provide directions from your doctor. Your doctor will discuss the results with you.


8. Paying your bill

We provide you with a quick, easy, and secure way to make payments for our monitoring services.

Click on Make a Payment to provide your payment information.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Billing Department.

Returning The Monitor

If you were given your monitor in your doctor's office, follow the instructions provided by your particular provider.

Please return the monitor directly to Preventice in the prepaid box provided as soon as you finish your prescribed service. It is important to do so to avoid financial liability.

Place the monitor and all charging accessories, into padded pack, then into the box. See the instruction manual for the list of equipment.
Remove the adhesive strip from flap on the shipping box and seal securely. The prepaid return label is already affixed to the bottom of the box.
Drop package off at the shipping carrier listed on the prepaid return label. For assistance returning the equipment, call Preventice at 888.500.3522