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September 1st, 2020

Preventice Solutions Receives Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award
Award reflects excellence in visionary innovation, performance and customer impact

Minneapolis – Preventice Solutions, a leader in digital healthcare solutions and remote cardiac monitoring services powered by deep learning and
artificial intelligence (AI), announced today it received the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Global Remote Cardiac Monitoring Company of the Year Award.
As published by Frost & Sullivan, this award reflects a company’s leadership among its industry and non-industry peers and “translates into
superior performance in demand generation, brand development, and competitive position that serve as the foundation of a company’s future
success,” stated Kaustubh Savant, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

“We are honored to be selected by Frost & Sullivan to receive this award for our commitment to delivering innovation and clinical value to patients
and healthcare providers in the global remote cardiac monitoring market,” said Jon P. Otterstatter, Chief Executive Officer of Preventice Solutions.
“Our commitment remains to advance a comprehensive portfolio of monitoring technologies and services that offer physicians the ability to
diagnose and manage patients based on real-time clinical data, and for patients the reassurance that they can receive the care and oversight of
their cardiac performance without interrupting their daily activities.”

Frost & Sullivan justified its recognition of Preventice Solutions as the Global Company of the Year recipient in the remote cardiac monitoring
market due to the following factors:

  • Preventice Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of highly accurate and sensitive BodyGuardian® family of remote monitors. The BodyGuardian® MINI is the world's smallest truly waterproof, replaceable, and repositionable monitor. With the longest battery and enhanced capabilities, the system enables quick, timely, rich, and detailed insights into patients' heart condition for risk management and optimized care while allowing patients to follow their daily routine.
  • Preventice Solutions highly accurate and validated BeatLogic® deep learning algorithms detect, classify, and interpret variations in heart rhythm data collected through the BodyGuardian technology. The robust algorithms set new industry benchmarks in accuracy and provide intuitive clinical decision making from voluminous real-time ECG data.
  • Preventice’s total solution enables risk mitigation, prevents hospitalization and readmission, improves physician efficiency, and bolsters timely intervention. With multiple business models that include traditional and flexible solutions, Preventice Solutions efficiently supports physician practices' variable needs and requirements.

For the Company of the Year Award, Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluate several criteria under visionary leadership and performance
(addressing unmet needs, visionary scenarios, implementation of best practices, blue ocean strategy, and financial performance) and customer
impact (price/performance value, customer purchase, ownership and service experience, and brand equity). Industry analysts compare market
participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analyses, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the

Transforming Preventive Cardiovascular Care through Remote Cardiac Monitoring
Preventice Solutions has over a decade of experience as a trusted service and technology partner that provides monitoring for millions of patients,
supports thousands of practices nationwide, and leverages its proprietary BeatLogic® deep learning platform. In May 2020, Preventice Solutions
was the first to publish in the Heart Rhythm Journal and showed that BeatLogic® outperformed a leading industry standard algorithm on Afib in
the MIT-BIH Atrial Fibrillation Database (AFDB) library and MIT-BIH Ventricular Ectopic Beats (VEB) classification.

Preventice Solutions recently launched BodyGuardian® MINI, the first single holistic solution for the patient, practice, and provider that covers all
four cardiac monitoring modalities, including short and long-term Holter, cardiac event monitoring, and mobile cardiac telemetry. Using
ECG Insight® , physicians can gain instant access to the raw data within telemetry reports to improve timely diagnosis remotely. Provided wirelessly
through Preventice’s cloud-based infrastructure, these new technologies have been well received by healthcare professionals who appreciate the
simplicity of inventory management, enhanced experience, and refined service.

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality, accounting for nearly 17.9 million annual global
deaths. In the United States, studies show that approximately 47% of sudden cardiac deaths happen outside the hospital environment, indicating
that early signs of heart ailments often go unnoticed.

About Preventice Solutions
Preventice Solutions is a leading developer of mobile health solutions and remote monitoring services that connect patients threatened by cardiac
arrhythmias. Using insights to create revolutionary monitoring technologies, this tech-enabled, service-based approach can ultimately reduce the
cost of care and improve health outcomes. Preventice Solutions’ wearable portfolio includes the PatientCare Platform and BodyGuardian® family.
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