Do you want detailed biometric data to understand impacts of different care protocols, medical devices, or drugs on subjects, full control over the monitoring processes, or need information beyond simply arrhythmia data?

Approximately 70 percent of study participants live greater than two hours from study sites. Designed for use with the BodyGuardian® Heart monitor, PatientCare, cloud-based HIPAA-compliant self-managed platform, allows the principle investigator and their study team to gather, interpret and manage patient data independently and significantly reduces the need for multiple site visits throughout the study period. BodyGuardian® remote monitoring system allows a study participant to remain active and independent while being monitored.

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Advanced Remote Monitoring Technologies

  • Asymptomatic cardiac event detection
  • Patient-initiated symptomatic event capture
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Defined customizations
  • Monitor thresholds: Bradycardia, Tachycardia, Pause, Rhythm variability (atrial fibrillation)
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PatientCare Cloud-Based Platform

  • Arrhythmia classification engine
  • HIPAA-compliant secured data storage
  • Reduces need for internal IT resources
  • Export services and application programming interfaces available for integrating data
  • Uses only de-identified data when working with our clinical study sponsors or partners
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Principal Investigator and Study Team Portal

  • Configurable periodic automatic ECG capture
  • Summary reports specific to study subject
  • Specific settings to match study policies
  • Personalized workflow and tracking tools
  • Bulk event handling and event suppression
  • Launch points for events based on urgency
  • Administrative interfaces


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View Data
  • 120 seconds of ECG scrollable at a time
  • 60 seconds before and after event marker with 25mm/sec gridline scale
  • Ability to change the sweep speed and amplitude
  • Means to scroll through the time segment
  • Intuitive navigation to different times by using the calendar and time features
Capturing Data Options
  1. Generate a PDF printed report to open immediately
  2. Save for integration into other systems
  3. Export raw data in a comma separated value (csv) format for discrete data analysis, algorithm development, or tracking purposes


PatientCare export API makes the data available for a third party to use. This capability enables study sponsors and clinical research organizations to connect the exported data to other electronic systems. Data is exported via web services into streams of discrete measurement data that can be parsed and leveraged in many different ways.

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