Accelerating the future of clinical research by improving
patient compliance to achieve better outcomes


Are you looking for simple arrhythmia assessment or detailed biometric data to understand how the drugs you are developing or devices you are testing impact the subject's cardiac performance?

Are you looking to gather your own biometric data and perform your own detailed analysis?

Do you have access to remote monitoring technology that provides cardiac summary information for each subject?

It can be a long and complex journey, taking your scientific innovations out to the world. Preventice is committed to your entire journey.

We can support you through that journey by ensuring you capture accurate data that will help you achieve the best outcomes. As one of the largest and most experienced remote monitoring service providers in the U.S., we have the infrastructure, customized protocols and advanced technologies to simplify the process, accelerate your time to market and contain your development costs while minimizing risks of clinical trial failure. It all begins with our end-to-end approach to capturing the right data.

While some companies claim to have clinical trial experience, Preventice has supported Phase I-III trials in the U.S. and around the world. Our core monitoring teams have monitored thousands of patients to date and improved the health of more than a million at-risk patients. Whatever the size or scope of your study, we provide the comprehensive clinical remote monitoring services you need. We also have the regulatory expertise, clinical trial operations management, medical education and communications capabilities to support you through an efficient and effective journey.

Our team brings extensive years of clinical trial experience, working with both drugs and devices. We will support you through the steps for protocol development, navigating the IRB approval process, as well as overall engagement and management. Our team offers oversight and guidance for staff, implementation of policies and procedures, quality improvement projects and will work closely to understand your research needs.

"Integrating Preventice's BodyGuardian® technology enables Koneksa to help our biotech/pharma customers effectively capture continuous cardiovascular data. In addition to the technology, the team at Preventice continues to impress me with their professionalism, support, and commitment to excellence."
- Matt Cantor, VP Business Operations Koneksa Health, New York, NY