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Designing the industry's most
"tuned in" customer service experience

Using patient and physician insights to create revolutionary remote care technologies and services that connect patients and caregivers in a way that redefines healthcare.

Who We Are

Our Vision

Preventice Solutions delivers a superior combination of remote monitoring technologies and services to patients, providers, payers, and life sciences companies.

Together with our partners, we raise the quality and cost effectiveness of care and enhance the ongoing management of patients suffering from cardiac-related issues and other health disorders.


Our Mission

Become a leader in providing broad-based effective healthcare solutions utilizing portfolio of services, sensors and software.

Deliver the best continuity of care and improve health outcomes while engaging individuals in their care plan process.

Engage and support individuals in their care plan process. READ MORE

What We Do

We provide services and technologies that simplify the remote monitoring process.

We support physicians to focus on what they do best– patient care and treatment.

We use our secure and scalable platforms to deliver solutions in a cost effective and time saving manner.


Our History

2015 - BodyGuardian Heart Remote Patient Monitoring System launched for MCT and CEM

2015 - Preventice Solutions receives major investment from Boston Scientific

2015 - Preventice Services releases Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Report


We are experts in understanding how technology and services can engage patients and enhance adherence to their care plans.